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Launch Pad getting ready for 2023!

I'm excited for the 2023 season. With a new Fanatic Viper 80 board, a 7m Duotone Slick wing and another Duotone Idol sail, I've got some...

Teaching windsurfing in France

It was great fun finding windsurfing equipment and a beach nearby so I could teach my niece and nephews to windsurf in France!

Len (and my) first Wing Foil lesson

Len is a great windsurfer. He learned windfoiling easily. He was a natural as my first wing foiling student!

Rosie returns!

Rosie comes back for a second lesson and makes it out and back without needing a tow. And she did more jibes too!

Next student: Rosie!

My 3rd beginner of 2022 was Rosie, a snowboarder and Phillip’s girlfriend. I was a bit worried as it was another 15 knot day. We started...

Alex gets going!

My former work colleague Marc had bid on a family weekend windsurf lesson last year to raise funds for the ScotiaMcLeod Charitable...

First LPWA student of 2022

My first Launch Pad Windsurf Academy student of 2022 was pretty keen to learn windsurfing. Richard is a long time sailor and wakeboarder,...

New sponsors - Fanatic and Duotone!

I'm excited to announce that the amazing gear manufacturers Fanatic and Duotone are official sponsors of the Launch Pad Windsurf academy....

Looking for sponsors!

Today I connected our website to google and will begin our 2022 season with a few lessons already being scheduled. As we begin the...

Should I move my blog here?

For the last 11 years, my windsurfing blog has been at: There you can find a lot of my past...

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