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Is e-Foiling the best way to teach Wing Foiling?

Updated: Apr 29

After 7 days in Bonaire using wind power to foil, on the last day the wind was unusually still. A perfect day to try e-Foiling again.

Is it the best way to learn foiling? I arranged a rental through Salu Watersports and got to try both the large and small Lift e-foils. Lots of details on my full personal blog post.

I managed to eventually get the smaller e-Foil going, but needed the larger version to get my first consistent runs. Certainly in fresh water with my 95 kg in weight, I would need a lot of practice before being able to use the small version.

I have been considering other ways to get people up on the foil. Certainly towing behind a boat is an option. I’m also looking into the idea of a winch system. ReWinch makes a nice package. That seems to have some promise if I figure out where to run it.

Thanks @Jeroen and @Saluwatersports for the great session. The lift e-Foils are not legal in Canada (yet). I’ll need to check out @northlinesports for their legal Takuma e-Foils.

I'm going to be looking into those BBtalkin headsets for sure.

The bottom line for me was that e-Foiling is a great no wind substitute for someone who really wants to get up on a foil. The cost of the eFoil, along with maintenance and reliability makes me hesitate to add it to the LPW&FA right now. Stay tuned....

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