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New BBTalking headsets for the LPW&FA

After seeing how well they work, I invested in some BBtalkin headsets. I have them set up and tested. Looking forward to using them soon.

Winter wing training completed!

This winter I had more opportunities to go winging than I expected. On ice with skis and skates or out on Georgian Bay, it was all good!

Donation for a great cause

I've been passionate about the Georgian Bay Land trust for over 30 years. What a great way to protect Georgian Bay where I love to pursue...

Teaching a Movie Star

Liz (the other Liz Taylor movie star) had her land lesson yesterday. Her on the water lesson was a success too.

Teaching in shorts in October!

"Hey Carl, how late in the season do you teach?" Well since the Launch Pad is so new, I didn't really have an answer. "As late as...

Learning a lot at AWSI

I was encouraged to attend the American Wind & Water Sport Industry annual trade show in Hood River by our LPWA sponsor store Northline...

Jonathan gets some jibes!

Jonathan was interested in learning to windfoil. There wasn’t enough wind. So he learned to jibe instead!

Bucket list item: Foiling? YES!

Adam found the LPWA website and contacted me a few weeks ago. He had set a goal to learn to wingfoil and I was excited to help him...

Great day at Northwinds Beach

Drew wanted a introductory windsurfing lesson in Collingwood and brought his buddy Phillip who hadn't windsurfed in 20 years.. The...

Two more awesome beginners!

I think this is the first time I've had two beginners go out, sail for an hour+, never fall in and then sail back to the point without...

Laura and Alex’s excellent adventure!

Laura had reached out asking if we could arrange a lesson.... we settled on Saturday the 19th and thankfully it was a sunny day with a...

Rosie and Jen go for it again!

Rosie and Jen took advantage of the warm weather and 11 knot winds. Rosie windsurfed on a smaller board, Jen practised with the wingfoil.

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