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Rosie returns!

Rosie had a great introductory session at the Launch Pad and was eager for a second lesson. Since she had done so well the first time, I dediced we could launch right from the dock and let the shifty north wind take us down to the point.

I put her on the Fanatic Viper HD board and the 2.6m rig. I was on the Fanatic Viper 80 with my 5.6 Idol. It was great to be able to sail right next to her and give her tips. After a few successful tacks we actually did some gibes as she was keeping her upwind ground very nicely and I wanted to get her farther downwind!

One sketchy moment occurred when she was starting a tack but didn't complete it. She just kept standing at the front and leaning the sail over into the wind and was heading farther upwind and was getting closer and closer to the old pier. I gently ordered her to sit down on the board just as she was passing over some cribs and the nose of the board grazed a rock. Since the Viper HD is so big she just sat comfortably until it glided over into deeper water.

With that adventure behind us we started sailing back and forth. Phillip was up high on the island taking photos. Once we'd had our fill we started heading back upwind into the wind shadow of pine island. I figured it would be impossible for a beginner to make it upwind to the dock in the shifty headwind with a small sail. I headed in to get the boat but by the time got to the dock Rosie was heading there too. AMAZING!

She made it all the way back without needing a tow!

Phillip was on camera duty!

Rosie with nice form.

I really enjoy being out on the water with my student!

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