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Next student: Rosie!

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

My 3rd beginner of 2022 was Rosie, a snowboarder and Phillip’s girlfriend. I was a bit worried as it was another 15 knot day.

We started on the simulator and Rosie was very quick to figure out how to steer the board with the sail. I really like getting beginners to start in their predominant stance, in Rosie’s case regular (left foot forward not goofy). The photos below were taken when she started working on her less dominant direction. After learning to tack on land in both directions it was time to hit the water.

This was the first use of the new Viper HD board I recently got at Northline Sports as part of my Fanatic board sponsorship. At 245 litres I wondered if it would be too big and slow to respond? Nope, it was perfect!

I towed the board upwind and put the sail into a port tack orientation so that she would start regular. It worked and she slowly got going. I wished I had given her the “number seven” tip top help her stance but more importantly she was a star at letting go with her back two fingers when she didn’t like what was happening - and going back to her safety position.

Rosie getting going with confidence!

Loving the "bow and arrow" arms and straight front leg...

A great demonstration of the "tennis save" back to safety position and getting going again!

Sailing back to the Launch Pad

Rosie did great and even did two jibes on her way to the dock. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone stay up on their first two (on the water instructed) jibes! A testament to the big board and her skills. It was really rewarding to see her excited by learning a new sport.

After lunch and a trip down the river I headed back out to the Launch Pad with Len.

He took the Duke 5.4 and the Techno 148 with the 76 cm foil. Len is amazing. I think it is just his 3rd? time wind foiling and he’s already using the harness comfortably.

We were out for 90 minutes and I did 23 km on my Duotone Echo 6.0 wing and Fanatic Stingray 140. I was falling in a lot and trying a lot wing foil turns and switch stance riding.

Fun GPS trails while out foiling with Len!

Back to the city for a bit - hoping to teach some more beginners in mid July. I'll be ready with the new flags secured when class is in session.

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