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Rosie and Jen go for it again!

Rosie was interested in getting on the windsurfer again. This time I put her on the smaller Viper 80 board as she had progressed so well in her first three lessons. It was 12 knots, so I used the smaller 2.6m sail for her though. With the wind straight out of the south, I took her upwind in the 20hp aluminum boat so she could have a bunch of runs and eventually go back to the dock. She had enjoyed jibing last time!

She did great and was pointing her front foot forward a lot more often. I reminded her about posture occasionally which sometimes results in a fall. Hmm, need to help my students with some more gradual coaching suggestions. Jen zoomed out on the Seadoo to offer some tips as I was now on the wing and foil that Jen would be using for her session.

Jen took some nice photos of Rosie and me on the water and after that Rosie went back to her online work. Jen came upwind to where I was foiling. I was getting going on both reaches and making upwind ground but it was a bit of pumping each time that got me going. We switched gear, now I was in the boat taking photos!

Jen did great for her 2nd time flying the wing. She didn't even fall in! There wasn't quite enough wind to get her onto the foil, but she's definitely getting the hang of it. 3rd time's a charm? After Jen's session, I went out for just one more 20 minute session...

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