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Canada Day at the Launch Pad

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

I got the Launch Pad ready for a busy Canada Day weekend by first unboxing the Fanatic Viper 80 that I picked up earlier in the year. It looked fantastic coming out of the box and I quickly had the centre board, rear handle and skeg attached.

I towed the new board out to the point along with the Viper HD. It was super foggy which is unusual for the area. I got the small sails all rigged. Once I had that done Rosie (my son Phillip's girlfriend), decided she wanted to have a refresher lesson and go sailing in the warm southwest wind. I put her on the 3.5m sail and Fanatic Viper HD board.

Rosie was doing well sailing back-and-forth although she did come fairly close to the cribbing at the old wharf one time. After a while she was even gaining ground upwind which was awesome to see towards the end. Rosie sailed all the way back to the dock using her newly discovered jibing skills!

Jennifer wanted to try the wing so I pumped up the Duotone 5.0 Slick. Using the new Duotone XL pump is so much easier needing what feels like 50% fewer pumps. She was on the Fanatic Viper 80 and had a gentle wingfoil downwind to the dock. She was holding the wing up more than it was lifting due to the very light wind, but she was showing nice form.

I did get Michelle (Geoffrey's girlfriend) out to the point to try the simulator. She surprised herself by being extremely competent on it. Her sail power and steering sense was most excellent! I'm looking forward to getting her out on the water some weekend in the future.

We celebrated a wonderful Canada Day with a delicious Dutch dinner back at the cottage created by Len. Looking forward to some free community windsurf lessons tomorrow.

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