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Unboxing the Fanatic / Duotone Swag and gear

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

I gratefully received two boxes of swag from Fanatic and Duotone as part of a sponsorship. It is great that parent company Boards and More are supporting the Launch Pad and my passion for getting new people into windsurfing and foiling.

I kept the boxes sealed until I got up to the Launch Pad. Then I shot this video which I've posted to the new Launch Pad Windsurf Academy FB page. (I've got some work to do on my Social Media for the Launch Pad...)

I think the flags look great at the point!

I also had taken delivery from Northline Sports in Toronto of a new Fanatic Viper HD beginner board and a Duotone Sky foilboard and 5m Slick. I'll report on those soon.

It was a gorgeous day and I got some nice shots and a bit of drone footage. On the way to the point I managed to get a quick windfoil session.

I got going 3 times on the 5.6 Idol and Fanatic Stingray 140 board with the 99cm foil. A wonderful day to be setting up the Launch Pad.

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