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Snowboarders learn windsurfing well!

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

I met Dianne at a neighbour's potluck dinner and we were discussing our favourite sports. She started skating at 30 and snowboarding at 40. But her windsurfing experience from decades ago left her thinking she would never try again. She did like the idea of having a lesson so I suggested she drop by next time the Fanatic and Duotone flags were flying!

Well 2 days later she was kayaking by the island and we chatted and decided it was the right time to learn. The wind was a super gusty 5-15 knot north wind and I figured the land simulator would give me a good idea about whether the conditions would be ok for a subsequent water session.

Dianne was great on the simulator. I started her off on her dominant regular stance and went through the steps of getting going. She balanced easily on the simulator and was able to keep her direction despite the strong gusty wind. After she did a tack I was convinced she would get going on the water.

I set her off at the point and she uphauled and got underway. After a few tacks she did fall in once, but was remarkably steady on the board. The "tennis save" definitely helped!

Here is some video!

With the wind being so north at the end I towed her back to the dock and we chatted about her session. At 61, she is the oldest pure beginner I've taught and 2nd oldest student I've had. So fun.

Here is what she wrote to me the next day:

"Hello Carl,

Thank you so much for giving me an introductory windsurfing lesson.  I loved every minute of it.  I came right home and googled Fanatic windsurfers.   I've been told however, I can't buy another water toy until I build my own shed to keep them in.  I'm now looking forward to seeing the flags out next summer and trying again.  

If you could please send a picture of me on the board I would love that.  

You are a great instructor, you made it very easy for me to succeed.  


I sent her one photo which got a lot of love on her Facebook and I am happily sharing the rest here!

Interesting side note, my buddy Peter from the Windsurfing Loop was checking out the photos of my lessons in this blog and commented on some of my students not having their front foot pointed forward enough. I should add it to the "twist" part of getting underway. Dianne did and I will for sure be mentioning it more. Thanks Peter for noticing.

I'm looking forward to giving many more lessons at the Launch Pad!

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