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Should You Teach Your Wife to Wing Foil?

It is often said you shouldn't teach your spouse... it risks too much if you don't communicate properly!

Luckily Jen is great at windsurfing thanks to amazing lessons from such legendary instructors like Rhonda Smith, Charles Dasher and Andy Brandt. So extending those skills to wing foiling isn't that much of a challenge for her. She's already had a few windfoiling runs and has played with the wing in light wind. We've also watched some of the great Fanatic Wing Academy videos together which is fun.

So Jen was looking for a nice warm day to continue with the wind and foilboard progression. I set off from the Launch Pad upwind with the Duotone Slick 5m Wing on the Fanatic Stingray 140 with the 4 year old huge Slingshot 99 foil underneath. I was able to get on the foil several times and still find it to be super easy to tack and jibe when not actually foiling.

Jen came upwind on the Seadoo and we switched places. She taxied on her knees for a bit. Then stood up without any drama. Off she went, taxiing and getting more and more comfortable. A quick jibe and then back in the other direction. I was staying (too) close by with the GoPro taking photos. Another jibe near the piers and downwind a bit more feeling the foil under the board but not quite taking off.

I towed her, the wing and the foilboard back upwind. She did another semi downwinder with 2 more dry pivot jibes and went smoothly to the dock. Next time she wants more wind but loved the gear I had her on... Luckily the Launch Pad in Key Harbour often is the windiest place in Ontario! So yes, teaching your spouse without drama works if you have a talented partner, a Windsurf/Foiling school and great Fanatic/Duotone gear! Stay tuned for future posts on her progress.

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