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Mother and Daughters learn to Windsurf

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

I was pleased to be asked to teach Hester, Sam and Tes to windsurf. They all had sailing experience from back home in Holland, but they were all quite sure that they wouldn't be able to windsurf.

We started with the basics; where is the wind coming from? They all knew that instinctively. We went over safety and then headed out to the Launch Pad point.

It was a lovely day with a shifty but pleasant north wind. Sam was first on the simulator, then Tes and Hester. I did a self-rescue demonstration. After the getting underway lecture I showed a bit more with my 33 year old cardboard windsurf model - from my MBA school communications course! Then back on the simulator for the tacking lesson. All three did very well on the simulator and I knew they wouldn't have any issues out on the water.

There was lots going on in the Harbour. We had the largest sailboat I've ever seen in Key Harbour just past the Launch Pad. And Sam wanted to go for a ride on the Seadoo before windsurfing. Jen took her out to the point on the Seadoo while we got ready to get on the water.

The girls got out on the two Fanatic Viper boards. The only issue for mom was that my 3rd Fanatic beginner board is in Collingwood! So I brought out the YPSI Wayler that I recently added to the fleet. We were all quickly reminded about how difficult those 40 year old windsurfers are to use. Vanessa and Timo came out to see the fun.

Timo even got a Seadoo ride. Eventually all three windsurfers needed a tow back upwind. It seemed like the north wind would eventually die down, but it picked up again. Sam and Hester traded boards and learned a lot about the stability of the wider modern Fanatic Viper board vs. the old YPSI - even if it goes faster. Everyone got more than enough windsurfing because any day of windsurfing is a great day of windsurfing.

I hope we'll get the right conditions to get the ladies back out for another session!

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