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Jonathan gets some jibes!

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Sometimes people learn things we didn't expect. But they still have fun. I was hoping that with the 11 knot south wind that there would be a chance for Jonathan to try windfoiling for the first time.

He walked out to the point while I tacked upwind. I almost felt like there was enough to pump onto the foil but never got going. I didn't have the Fanatic Stingray board and 99cm foil that I like teaching on. That Techno 148 with the old slingshot 76 under it just didn't quite work. The old 6.2 Duke sail that was rigged up just wasn't enough. I did a bit of light wind freestyle though!

When I got out to the point I suggested he try sailing back anyway. He said "but I don't know how to jibe!" His last sessions had been waterstarting and planing in Bonaire, but never turning. He uphauled and narrowly sailed past the shoals and headed for the Harbour.

Amazingly, he would up doing several nice jibes on the way back and stepped off the board onto the dock smoothly (last video!). He noted that the foil under board actually made it much more stable and thus easier to learn to jibe on. Very interesting. No foiling, but a new skill - jibing. Way to go Jonno!

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