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Great evening session with my first ever student!

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

While the Launch Pad Windsurf Academy is new, I've been enjoying teaching windsurfing for many years. Here is a photo with my niece Vanessa from 1996! She went on to teach at Jibe City for half a decade before coming back to Canada.

I was excited by a nice after dinner wind forecast and Vanessa's excitement to get on the water just hours after arriving in Key Harbour. We headed out to the Launch Pad and had a great session.

(I'd already had a great session with my son Phillip who was out successfully wind foiling and said he had a good instructor - me! That session with some great photos is on my personal blog:

Here is Vanessa getting ready for her first session of 2022.

I managed to get 12 km in 48 minutes. I started on the old Vivace 272 with the Idol 5.6m. When Vanessa was done I took the Fanatic Skate 108 with the Idol 5.6 which was a much better combo.

In my GPS trail below (looking from the west) you can see a line way to the right - in that nice flat water I was able to sail away from my first Vulcan in many years! I have to put a shout out to fabulous windsurf instructor Andy Brandt and ABK windsurfing for getting me interested in freestyle over a decade ago. (Interesting to note that in the attempts where I turned upwind I didn't succeed the same

I'll admit to being surprised by how good Vanessa was despite not having windsurfed in almost a year. I was also really pleased by my gear selection for her and how well it worked. Maybe I can get Vanessa to be a guest instructor at the Launch Pad?

I've got a good feeling that the Launch Pad Windsurfing Academy will inspire others to make windsurfing a passion.

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1 Comment

Vanessa -
Vanessa -
Jul 12, 2022

Still love the sport after 28 years thanks to you Carl! Would be happy to lecture any time. Love the Launch Pad so much! Hang loose Uncle Carl!!🤙

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