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Delivering a lesson and Fanatic Viper

Updated: May 25, 2023

My poker friend Dave wanted a board for the family cottage on Georgian Bay. He had a lesson at the Launch Pad 2.5 years ago so I knew he could make good use of a Fanatic Viper intermediate windsurf board.

I had a used Viper 80 and recently got an even more used Viper 85 and took them both up to Tiny Beach on the east side of Notawasaga Bay. I also took along a very vintage 4.5m rig that I gifted to him.

After a family windsurf lesson on the beach (using a piece of cardboard as the simulator) we went out in the swirling NW winds. I was on the 190l Viper 80 and he was on the 220l Viper 85. He did great again, and we enjoyed a quick sail on the clear waters over a mostly sandy shallow bottom.

Dave decided to buy the used Fanatic Viper 85 and I hope to get reports of the rest of the family having fun getting out on the board - or be invited back for a follow up lesson.

Here are some videos of the brief lesson I gave him and his nephew and niece...

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