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The right weather + gear for a perfect lesson!

When the weather is right it is super easy to have an amazing lesson for a first time windsurfer. Having the right gear helps too!

Rhiannon and Quinn were eager to get out to the Launch Pad on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. The wind was steady at around 8 knots from the WSW. The sun was shining and the water about as warm as it gets at 22c. I started my lesson with a demonstration of self rescue for the first time, something I haven’t done before.

Rhiannon was first on the simulator and got all the basics very quickly. The 2.5m sail was perfect. Quinn had previous experience and a quick refresher for him had him excited to get out on the water. I put him on the big Fanatic Viper board with the 3.5m sail.

With the wind from the WSW, it is easier to launch a beginner from the point. Quinn sailed out easily and kept upwind of the old pier. I launched Rhiannon as well and she uphauled and sailed away on her first try! Her discipline letting go with the back hand and using the “tennis save” really help on her first reach.

I got in the boat and chased them both over to the far shore where Quinn had already tacked. Rhiannon fell in on her first tack attempt and got right up and started back to the Launch Pad flags. I directed Quinn to try pointing upwind more and soon he was way upwind. After losing a bit of ground practising getting going in each direction I towed Rhiannon upwind a bit for her final reach right back to shore. There was a crowd cheering as she sailed right back to the point.

I headed upwind to chat with Quinn and taught him how to jibe in the light steady breeze. He must have done a dozen jibes, enjoying the stability of that big Viper HD. I took the Viper 80 and 2.5m sail and we both returned to the main dock.

What a great pair of students and so rewarding to have the right gear and perfect weather.

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