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Teaching in a t-shirt one more time in October!

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

I was excited that Jen was interested in trying wing foiling again. While the wind had dropped off from my epic Dead Island circumnavigation adventure, there was still enough wind to get going.

Since the weather was so exceptionally warm, I really urged Jen to jump on the Seadoo if I could make it upwind on the 5m Duotone Slick wing and 99cm foil under the Stingray 140. Indeed I barely made it upwind and she came out. We traded gear and off she went.

I zoomed back to grab the camera and Jen had already covered a lot of ground. She was showing great balance on the board and doing smooth jibes. There really wasn't enough even in the gusts to get going, but she worked on her balance and wing handling.

After a few (gentle spousal) pointers about how to stay going across the wind, I towed her upwind again and she had another set of reaches. Eventually she got back to the dock and while it hadn't been an awesome session, it was time on the water. And it was so much warmer than an October windsurf session we both remember from around 30 years ago! Liz talks about the weather in the video below.

After some snacks it was Liz's lesson which was prompted by her seeing the windsurfing simulator out at the point. She snowboards, so I started her in her dominant stance and she nailed it. Never looking down, listening and remembering all my tips (despite all her waving and antics!) - she could steer and then tack in both directions. We got a ton of photos and then had some cocktails and a fun selfie on the simulator board.

Let's see if we get good conditions for Liz or Jen to get out on the water tomorrow!

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