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Teaching at Northwinds Beach

I was curious how it would be teaching windsurfing at Northwinds Beach? It is just 9 minutes from our home in Collingwood and I wing foiled there earlier this year.

But how is it for teaching in the summer? Well, excellent. The water is clear and warm. There are grassy rigging areas and a sandy beach leading into deeper water with just a few rocks.

My poker buddy Mike had asked if his son Ender could have a refresher windsurf lesson. Ender had quite enjoyed his lesson a year and a half ago at Toronto Windsurfing Club when I was getting my windsurf instructor certificate.

We did an hour of learning to rig the gear on the beach and a simulator session using a piece of cardboard as the turning point under the board. Primitive but effective. And a good spot to learn the "self-rescue".

Then we went out onto the water for a 90 minute session in the very light 4-7 knot NW wind. Ender was very determined and had a good time going back and forth.

I'll work on getting Ender to trust the sail more on the land simulator next time we have a lesson. I'll also hope for more wind. For now I know that I'll be back with more eager windsurfers at Northwinds beach in the future.

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